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3 secret rules from BRUNA

1.It is not important to be fashionable. It's important to have your own style!

Of course, each of our readers has a definition of what style is in her concept. But, probably, everyone will agree that this is something that goes beyond appearance and is therefore interesting from a philosophical point of view.

We often hear - this man has style - but what is style?

Style is evident in literally everything.

To have style means to be able to speak softly and quietly so as not to cause inconvenience to those around you.

To have style is not to flaunt our culture as if it were a peacock's tail.

Having style means not spilling a bottle of Chanel n. 5 to prove that you are rich.

2.Your style is always in fashion!


Chasing the latest novelties and fashionable things is stressful.

3.Always wear what you like.


Style cannot give us any external shell, it must be sought within.

I think Giorgio Armani's famous quote is "Style is elegance, not extravagance. To be elegant does not mean to be conspicuous, it means to be remembered.”

About Our Leather


A brooch can not only be pinned to a lapel!

Who would have thought that a brooch, such a classic and iconic piece of jewelry, would evolve into a modern and highly versatile accessory?

Brooches returned to defiling on the catwalks, and then to "walking" through the streets.

The extra pins on the sweater will create a whimsical arrangement, giving your look an alternative touch, more or less fun or creative, depending on how daring you are.

The stud can stand out on a turtleneck collar, on the collar of a white or colored shirt, like a button on a French collar shirt, or again, two symmetrical studs will emphasize the two points of the collar. If the brooch is beautiful, large and a little spectacular, it can replace the pendant with a necklace or fasten the wrap on a dress.

Continuing to talk about shirts, brooches can replace cufflinks or hold a sleeve, serving as a decoration.


The brooch is an ornament synonymous with individuality and charm.

Don't Make These Five Mistakes!

1.Wrong combinations 

Fusion style is good. It adds a youthful, informal, carefree vibe to your style. But think twice before wearing a cheap choker with a designer evening dress. Maybe this is not the best solution...

 2. Wearing too much jewelry 

The temptation to overdo it is the worst enemy to defeat. You wear jewelry because it makes you more visible, attracts attention, expresses your personality. But wearing too many together will backfire. 

3 Free time or office? 

Everything has its time and place. Do not wear a diamond necklace to the office, it's good for the evening. A pair of discreet gold earrings is more suitable for a business meeting. 

4 Jewelry type Jingle 

You probably don't live in the desert. That's why wearing jewelry that tinkles every time you move your leg or arm is unpleasant for those around you. It's annoying. Especially in the office! 

5 Erroneous  proportions 

The proportions of your body should have your jewelry. Take an objective look at yourself and highlight your beautiful places with your favorite jewelry!

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